Integrity Test

More and more organisations today are keen to check the integrity and honesty of potential employees before recruiting them.

One of our best selling products, the I – Test profiles the candidates basic integrity, and also gives insights into the following four variables that contribute to the overall integrity of a person:

  • Self Control
  • Conscientiousness
  • Dependability
  • Ethics and Values

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I-Test Basic: For entry level candidates

I-Test Advanced: For managerial and above level candidates

Why Test Integrity?

While the advantages of picking high integrity people are countless, here are to name a few:

  1. Minimise employment of individuals likely to engage in counterproductive work behaviors
  2. Keep attrition rates low by employing people with better dependability scores
  3. Protection of intellectual property
  4. High loyalty levels within organization
  • The I-Test helps you understand your employees along the following dimensions:

    1. Self Control
    2. Conscientiousness
    3. Dependability
    4. Ethics and Values
  • Helps organizations sieve out employees based on their level of integrity.
  • Help reduce organisation’s costs by identifying individuals who are likely to engage in counterproductive behavior.
  • Helps to get an in depth knowledge of oneself and importance of integrity at the workplace.

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